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Wednesday, 8 February 2017: Joint ACiD-NODES Seminar, Durham

Maciej Koutny (Newcastle, CS): Synthesis of Petry Nets with Whole-place Operations and Localities

Time and Location:

14:00 in E245 (Durham)



Synthesising systems from behavioural specifications is an attractive way of constructing implementations which are correct-by-design and thus requiring no costly validation efforts. In this talk, systems are modelled by Petri nets and the behavioural specifications are provided in the form of step transition systems, where arcs are labelled by multisets of executed actions. We focus on the problem of synthesising Petri nets with whole-place operations and localities, which are a class of Petri nets powerful enough to express a wide range of system behaviours, including inhibition of actions, resetting of local states, and locally maximal executions.