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David Clark

Director Surface Transforms Consultants

David Clark started his career as an academic at Durham University, where he was Professor of Chemistry and HoD until 1983. His researches, including computational modelling, were of considerable interest to major blue chips in the USA, CWE and UK and fostered an extensive consultancy. In 1983, he was headhunted by ICI plc to become a global R&D director.  As Director of ICI’s world class Wilton Materials research centre, he was responsible for Advanced Materials developments now seen on most military and civilian aircraft, racing yachts, sports equipment, high end automotive platforms and most forms of Motorsport including the current F1 cars.

His strong background in dual use technology and his extensive contacts in the US DoD and UK MoD were helpful in the next stage of his career when he took IPR, patents and Capital equipment to found his own company Surface Transforms plc; when ICI plc exited Advanced Materials businesses in the 1990s. He parenthetically also established a fundamental research group for SERC (EPSRC), based at Daresbury Labs based on world beating equipment he had co designed whilst in ICI.

Whilst in ICI plc, he was instrumental in establishing the company’s worldwide science & technology strategy group in Mathematical & Computational modelling, which included co-funding with the research councils of an assessment of the impact of massive parallelism to the area. Surface Transforms plc is a world leader in the new field of Carbon/Carbon ceramic Transforms important for future environmentally friendly advanced light weight braking systems for military and civilian air and land platforms.