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Clare Elford

Managing Director, Clue, Bristol

Clare is Managing Director of Clue, a company providing investigation software to police, government and the private sector. Clue was one of the first software products in the world to computerise investigations back in the 1980s. With the launch of the third generation of Clue back in 2015, the customer base has expanded significantly into many different areas such as sports corruption, animal welfare and nuclear security.

Today investigators need technology that is easy to use and will allow them to process and analyse large volumes of digital data. Clue is an agile software company with a focus on research and innovation, making new features available to users on a quarterly basis. One of the key focus areas for product development in 2018 will be providing investigators with more tools to analyse their data, and increasing automated data analysis where it makes sense. Clue recently secured funding from Innovate UK for a two year Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Newcastle University to embed a causal analysis capability and process modelling tools into Clue, to provide investigators with the capability to identify patterns of behaviours and likely suspects, as well as to eliminate unfeasible scenarios at the earliest point in an investigation.