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List of associated researchers

Dr Wensheng Cao

Visiting Scholar

Wensheng Cao (Wuyi University, China) is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Mathematical Sciences of Durham University until December 2017. He collabora...

Dr David Cushing

Research Associate

David Cushing is a research associate at Durham University working on discrete curvature notions and optimal transport. He received his PhD in 2015 in Newcastle under...

Dr Dan Evans

Teaching Fellow

Dan Evans has research interests in number theory, arithmetic combinatorics and the polynomial method, finite geometry. Besides being involved in the teaching of vario...

Dr Nicholas Georgiou

Temporary Lecturer, Probability

Nicholas Georgiou’s research interests are probabilistic combinatorics and partial orders, modular decomposition and its connection to the Reconstruction Conject...

Dr Bowen Li

Research Associate, School of Computing Science

Bowen Li is working on the EPSRC funded project UNCOVER (UNderstanding COmplex system eVolution thr...

Catriona Sellick

PhD student

Catriona Sellick is a PhD student in the Earth Sciences Department of Durham University working on using additive manufacturing to explore the influence of wettability...

Dr George Stagg

Teaching and Research Technical Officer

George Stagg received his PhD in 2016 with the thesis “A Numerical Study of Vortices and Turbulence in Quantum Fluids”. He works at Newcastle University as...

Dr James Walton

Temporary Lecturer, Pure Mathematics

James Walton’s research interests lie in

– aperiodic patterns, in particular the study of their topological and dynamical properties through associa...