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Academic Staff

Louis Aslett, Martina Balagovic, Anirban Bhattacharyya, Magnus Bordewich, David Bourne, Camila Caiado, Stefan Dantchev, Michael Dritschel, Andrew Duncan, Anna Felikson, John Fitzgerald, Leo Freitas, Tom Friedetzky, Max Gadouleau, Herbert Gangl, Ostap Hryniv, John Hunton, Ioannis Ivrissimtzis, Ian Jermyn, Matthew Johnson, Peter Jorgensen, Evgenios Kakariadis, Georgios Karagiannis, Victor Khomenko, David Kimsey, Stefan Kolb, Maciej Koutny, Andrei Krokhin, Andrew Lobb, Barnaby Martin, George Mertzios, Tom Nye, Boguslaw Obara, John R Parker, Daniel Paulusma, Norbert Peyerimhoff, Marta Pietkiewicz-Koutny, Bernard Piette, Sarah Rees, Dirk SchĂĽtz, Sadegh Soudjani, Jason Steggles, David Stewart, Iain Stewart, Pavel Tumarkin, Alina Vdovina, Andrew Wade, Djoko Wirosoetisno

Louis Aslett

Assistant Professor, Statistics

Louis researches primarily at the interface between cryptography and statistics, applying modern cryptographic techniques (such as lattice based homomorphic encryptio...

Martina Balagovic

Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

Algebra and representation theory of:
– quantum groups
– Kac-Moody algebras
– double affine Hecke algebras
– quantum sy...

Anirban Bhattacharyya

Guest Member of Staff

Current research interests include development of:

formalisms (especially process algebras) for the modelling and analysis of dynamic reconfiguration of dependa...

Magnus Bordewich

Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science

Algorithms for the reconstruction of phylogenetic (evolutionary) trees and networks. The mixing time of Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms for statistical physics mod...

David Bourne

Assistant Professor, Analysis & Partial Differential Equations

David Bourne works on pattern formation problems in material science. He is particularly interested in crystallization problems: proving that particle systems have per...

Camila Caiado

Assistant Professor, Statistics

Bayesian approaches to modelling and uncertainty quantification for large complex systems.

Applications include: population dynamics including agent-based model...

Stefan Dantchev

Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science

Computational Complexity, Propositional Proof Complexity, Satisfiability Solving, Algorithms in Topology

Michael Dritschel

Reader in Pure Mathematics

Michael Dritschel works in
– operator theory
– operator algebras
– function theory
Discrete aspects include function algebras...

Andrew Duncan

Reader in Mathematics

Geometric group theory:
– Hyperbolic groups
– partially commutative (right angled) Artin groups
– pregroups, graphs of groups and t...

Anna Felikson

Associate Professor in Pure Mathematics

Cluster algebras, Coxeter groups, hyperbolic geometry, discrete group actions and interaction of all the things above.

John Fitzgerald

Professor, Director of the Centre for Software Reliability

John Fitzgerald works on model-based methods of systems engineering, leveraging the mathematical semantics of design languages to permit computer-assisted exploration ...

Leo Freitas

Lecturer in Formal Methods & Tools

Formal modelling and proof of systems and software. Current focus is on the safety/dependability of medical devices and security protocols behaviour (e.g. EMV payments...

Tom Friedetzky

Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science

Randomised algorithms, discrete probability; combinatorics; efficient primitive operations inspired by problems in parallel/distributed systems (communication: broadca...

Max Gadouleau

Associate Professor in Department of Computer Science

Max Gadouleau’s research interests were at first based on coding theory, network coding and information theory. He has worked on their application to cryptograph...

Herbert Gangl

Associate Professor (Reader), Number Theory

Ideal tessellations of hyperbolic 3-space arising from discrete groups produce interesting elements in algebraic K-groups of number rings; moreover, they create beauti...

Ostap Hryniv

Associate Professor, Probability

– discrete state Markov chains (both finite and infinite) and their applications (eg., to biology),
– random walks,
– properties of hitti...

John Hunton

Professor, Topology

Aperiodic structures, tilings, topology, esp. algebraic topology, symbolic dynamics, topological dynamics,
homological and homotopical methods, topological group...

Ioannis Ivrissimtzis

Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science

Ioannis Ivrissimtzis is interested in the applications of triangle meshes in design, visualisation and
simulation. He works in the area of mesh subdivision, whic...

Ian Jermyn

Associate Professor (Reader), Statistics

Statistical modelling of shape and geometry, applied to computer vision and graphics. Problems include: relations amongst continuum models and discrete formulations as...

Matthew Johnson

Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science

Algorithms and complexity of problems on graphs. Structure of solution graphs of problems. Characterizing classes of tractable problem instances.

Peter Jorgensen

Professor of Pure Mathematics

Peter Jorgensen’s research in homological algebra gives rise to many discrete and combinatorial structures: surface triangulations, polygon dissections, and frie...

Evgenios Kakariadis

Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

A main trend in Operator Algebras is to examine operators related to geometric structures. Depending on the choice of the quantization one may ask how this encodes the...

Georgios Karagiannis

Assistant Professor, Statistics

Georgios research interests are in Bayesian statistics and statistical
computing. He works on the design of Bayesian methods for uncertainty

Victor Khomenko

Reader in Formal Methods

Application of formal methods to verification and synthesis of concurrent systems. Model checking of Petri nets and synthesis of asynchronous circuits.

David Kimsey

Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

Spectral Theory and positive definite completion problems

Stefan Kolb

Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

Representation Theory: Kac-Moody algebras; quantum groups, quantum symmetric pairs; relations to braid groups, harmonic analysis, homological algebra, integrable syste...

Maciej Koutny

Professor, CS Director of Research

Maciej Koutny’s research interests centre on the theory of distributed and concurrent systems, including both theoretical aspects of their semantics and applicat...

Andrei Krokhin

Professor in the Department of Computer Science

Andrei Krokhin’s research is about mathematical and algorithmic aspects of Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CPSs). Constraints are usually specific by relations...

Andrew Lobb

Associate Professor (Reader), Topology

Andrew Lobb studies three- and four-dimensional spaces – the dimension is high enough to be interesting but not so high that the interesting topology can be undo...

Barnaby Martin

Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science

Computational and proof complexity, especially classifications and the boundary of tractability. Constraint satisfaction problems; logic in computer science; graph the...

George Mertzios

Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science

George Mertzios’ research interests lie in the algorithmic aspects of basic combinatorial and graph problems which are also motivated by practical applications. ...

Tom Nye

Senior Lecturer in Statistics

Main interest: evolutionary trees (phylogenies)
– space of trees has a CAT(0) geometry
– statistical analysis is via geometry in tree-space

Boguslaw Obara

Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science

Boguslaw Obara is an expert in image informatics approaches for processing and analysis of multidimensional images obtained by a wide spectrum of micro and macro imagi...

John R Parker

Director of Postgraduate Studies, Professor, Geometry

Discrete groups and hyperbolic geometry. In particular:
– fundamental polyhedra, tilings and crystal structures;
– spaces of discrete groups an...

Daniel Paulusma

Professor in the Department of Computer Science

– graph algorithms (in particular for graph colouring and variants / generalisations of graph colouring)
– structural graph theory (in particular, sp...

Norbert Peyerimhoff

Professor, Geometry

Spectral graph theory, Geometric group theory, discrete geometry, hyperbolic geometry, combinational and synthetic curvature notions, Cayley graphs, expanders, (higher...

Marta Pietkiewicz-Koutny

Senior Lecturer

Marta Pietkiewicz-Koutny’s research concentrates on Theory of Concurrency; models of concurrent systems, especially Petri nets; synthesis of concurrent systems f...

Bernard Piette

Associate Professor (Reader), Theoretical Particle Physics

– Bio-Physics
– Polymer Network Dynamics
– Pre Darwinian Ancestors
– Polaron Dynamics on Lattices
– Geometry of P...

Sarah Rees

Professor of Pure Mathematics

Geometrical, combinatorial and computational aspects of group theory, especially
– decision problems
– links between group theory and formal la...

Dirk Schütz

Associate Professor (Reader), Topology

Knot Theory, in particular Khavanov homology and stable homotopy, cohomology operations, applications to 3- and 4-dimensional topology. Configuration spaces of linkage...

Sadegh Soudjani

Assistant Professor

Sadegh’s research interests are formal synthesis, abstraction, and verification (over probabilistic temporal specifications) for cyber-physical systems. He works...

Jason Steggles

Senior Lecturer

Jason Steggles’ research focuses on formal techniques for modelling and reasoning about computing systems. This includes working on new theoretical modelling fra...

David Stewart

Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

David Stewart works on various aspects of modular Lie theory, aprticularly the subgroup (scheme) structure of algebraic groups, and their representation theory.

Iain Stewart

Professor in the Department of Computer Science

Current interests lie in the mathematical and computational aspects of interconnection networks and their relationships with distributed-memory multi processes, networ...

Pavel Tumarkin

Associate Professor in Pure Mathematics

Coxeter groups, hyperbolic geometry, fundamental domains, cluster algebras, quiver mutations, combinatorics of polytopes.

Alina Vdovina

Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

Geometric group theory, topological graph theory, Knot theory

Andrew Wade

Associate Professor, Probability

Andrew Wade is a probabilist interested in stochastic processes and random discrete structures, particularly: random walks, interacting particle systems, and geometric...

Djoko Wirosoetisno

Associate Professor, Analysis & Partial Differential Equations

Djoko’s research work includes:

– PDEs: analysis, asymptotics and modelling

– dynamical systems: dissipative and Hamiltonian, mixing