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Industrial Advisory Board

David Clark

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Director Surface Transforms Consultants

David Clark started his career as an academic at Durham University, where he was Professor of Chemistry and HoD until 1983. His researches, including computational modelling, were of considerable interest to major blue chips in the USA, CWE and UK and fostered an extensive consultancy. In 1983, he was headhunted by ICI plc to become a global R&D director.  As Director of ICI’s world class Wilton Materials research centre, he was responsible for Advanced Materials developments now seen on most military and civilian aircraft, racing yachts, sports equipment, high end automotive platforms and most forms of Motorsport including the current F1 cars.

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Clare Elford

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Managing Director, Clue, Bristol

Clare is Managing Director of Clue, a company providing investigation software to police, government and the private sector. Clue was one of the first software products in the world to computerise investigations back in the 1980s. With the launch of the third generation of Clue back in 2015, the customer base has expanded significantly into many different areas such as sports corruption, animal welfare and nuclear security.

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Gary Gibson

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Founder and CIO, IBEX Innovations, Durham

Gary graduated with a BEng 1st Class Hons degree followed by a PhD in Materials Engineering from Imperial College. He then took up a research post at the University of Cambridge working on the deposition and growth of complex perovskites. After being offered a fellowship at Cambridge, he left academia and moved into industry working for a number of blue chip
corporations, such as SDL and JDSU, and start-ups such as Intense Photonics.

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Jos Martin

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Senior Engineering Manager, MathWorks, Cambridge

Jos is the senior engineering manager for parallel computing products at MathWorks. He has responsibility for all parts of Parallel Computing
Toolbox, including the use of GPU and big data types in other areas of the product line. He has lead the development team since its inception in 2003 and in that time has architected much of the toolbox, particularly the core infrastructure and parallel language areas.

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Edward Twiddy

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Founder and CIO, Atom Bank, Durham

With over ten years of HM Treasury experience under his belt, including spells with the Foreign Office and stabilising Northern Rock, Edward moved up to the North East to direct the North East Local Enterprise Partnership.

When the chance came to start a new bank, Edward was in from the beginning as a founder of Atom. As Chief Innovation Officer and Atom’s Company Secretary, Edward has overseen Atom’s development from a tiny start-up to a fully licensed bank and is now leading the development of Atom’s platform.

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