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List of some former PhD students

Dr Zoe Andrews

John Fitzgerald

PhD Completion: 2012

PhD Topic: Continuous probability distributions and their use in model-based design languages in 2012. ...

Dr Nathan Barker

Sarah Rees, Alina Vdovina

PhD completion: 2014

PhD topic: Topics in algebra: The Higman-Thompson group G_{2,1} and Beauville p-groups


Dr Aidan Chalk

Iain Stewart

PhD Completion: 2017

PhD Topic: Task-based parallelism for general purpose graphics processing units and hybrid shared-distrib...

Dr Steven Charlton

Herbert Gangl

PhD Completion: 2016

PhD Topic: Identities arising from coproducts on multiple zeta values and multiple polylogarithms

Dr Svetlana Cherlin

Tom Nye

PhD Completion: 2016

PhD Topic: Rooting Major Cellular Radiation Using Statistical Phylogenetics

Current Positi...

Dr Lawrence Dawson

Iain Stewart

PhD Completion: 2015

PhD Topic: Generic Techniques in General Purpose GPU Programming with Applications to Ant Colony and Ima...

Dr Femke Douma

Norbert Peyerimhoff

PhD Completion: 2010

PhD Topic: Counting and Averaging Problems in Graph Theory

Dr Michela Egidi

Norbert Peyerimhoff, Olaf Post

PhD Completion: 2015

PhD Topic: Geometry, dynamics and spectral analysis on manifolds and metric

Dr Carl Feghali

Matthew Johnson, Daniel Paulusma

PhD Completion: 2016

PhD Thesis: Topics in graph colouring and extremal graph theory

Topic: Reconfigu...

Dr Tom Fisher

Peter Jorgensen, Michael White

PhD Completion: 2016

PhD Topic: On the Homological Algebra of Clusters, Quivers, and Triangulations

Current Po...

Dr James Gate

Iain Stewart

PhD Completion: 2013

PhD Topic: Applications of Finite Model Theory: Optimisation Problems, Hybrid Modal Logics and Games


Dr Vasileios Germanos

Victor Khomenko

PhD Completion: 2015

Current Position: Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University

Dr Keith Goda

Sarah Rees

PhD Completion: 2006

PhD topic: On the structure of centralisers in graph products of groups

Dr Jonathan Grant

Andrew Lobb

PhD completion: 2016

PhD topic: Knot cohomology theories

Dr Andrew Harkins

Sarah Rees

PhD completion: 2000

PhD topic: Proof that torsion-free polycyclic groups can only be automatic if virtually abelian

Dr Chak Hei Lo

Andrew Wade, Mikhail Menshikov

PhD Completion: 2018

PhD Topic: Centre of mass for random walks

Current Position: Teaching Assistant a...

Dr Neil Henderson

John Fitzgerald

PhD Topic: Formal modelling and verification of shared variable concurrency

Current Position: Senior S...

Prof Peter Horvath

Ian Jermyn, Zoltan Kato, Josiane Zerubia

PhD Completion: 2007

PhD Topic: The ‘gas of circles’ model and its application to tree crown extraction (Universit...

Dr Claire Irving

John Hunton

PhD Completion: 2006

PhD Topic: Euler Characteristics and Cohomology for Quasiperiodic Projection Patterns

Dr Daniel Jones

Dirk Schütz

PhD Completion: 2015

PhD Topic: Handle Cancellation in Flow Categories and the Khovanov Stable Homotopy Type

Dr David Kaye

Ioannis Ivrissimtzis

PhD Completion:  2017

PhD Topic: Regular Grids: An Irregular Approach to the 3D Modelling Pipeline

Current Po...

Dr Alexandros Konios

Marta Pietkiewicz-Koutny

PhD Completion: 2015

PhD Topic: Modelling and Verification of Ambient Systems using Petri Nets

Dr John Lawson

Pavel Tumarkin

PhD Completion: 2017

PhD Topic: Mutations of quivers, automorphisms of exchange graphs and cluster automorphisms

Dr Bowen Li

Maciej Koutny

Current Position: Bowen is working on the EPSRC funded project UNCOVER (UNderstand...

Dr Ioannis Lignos

Matthew Johnson

PhD Completion: 2017

PhD Topic: Reconfigurations of Combinatorial Problems: Graph Colouring and Hamiltonian Cycle

Dr Jonathan Longrigg

Andrew Duncan

PhD Completion: 2008

PhD Topic: Cryptanalysis of braid group security protocols


Dr Foad Lotfifar

Matthew Johnson, Tom Friedetzky

PhD Completion: 2016

PhD Thesis: Hypergraph Partitioning in the Cloud

Topic: Graph and Hypergraph par...

Dr Nick Loughlin

Sarah Rees

PhD completion: 2018

PhD topic: On idempotents in diagram semigroups

Dr Mahmoud Maqableh

Stefan Dantchev

Phd completion: 2012

PhD topic: Analysis and Design Security Primitives Based on Chaotic Systems for eCommerce


Dr Sarah Markham

John Parker

PhD completion: 2003

PhD topic: Hypercomplex Hyperbolic Geometry

Current Position: Visiting Researcher, Institute of Psychi...

Dr Daniel Maycock

Peter Jorgensen

PhD completion: 2011

PhD topic: Properties of triangular matrix and Gorenstein Differential Graded Algebras

Dr Siddiqua Mazhar

Sarah Rees

PhD completion: 2017

PhD topic: On the imprimitive composition of permutation representations

Current Position:...

Dr John Mcleod

Misha Belolipetsky, John R Parker, Pavel Tumarkin

PhD Completion: 2013

PhD Topic: Arithmetic hyperbolic reflection groups

Current Position: John works...

Dr Sepher Meshkinfamfard

Tom Friedetzky

PhD completion: 2016

PhD topic: Randomised Algorithms on Networks

Current Position: R&D Engineer ...

Dr Lars Nagel

Tom Friedetzky

PhD Completion: 2011

PhD Topic: Randomised Load Balancing

Current Position: After his PhD, Lars Nagel...

Dr Susan Nelmes

Bernard Piette

PhD Completion: 2012

PhD Topic: Skyrmion Stars

Current Position: Susan is working for a government or...

Dr Puiman Ng

Peter Jorgensen

PhD completion: 2011

PhD topic: Torsion theories and Auslander-Reiten sequences

Dr William Norledge

Alina Vdovina

PhD Completion: 2018

PhD Topic: Groups acting on hyperbolic buildings, torsion free subgroups of hyperbolic Coxeter groups, po...

Dr Oliver Payne

Sarah Rees

PhD completion: 2003

PhD topic: Computation of presentations of subgroups of a finitely presented group


Dr Ting Peng

Ian Jermyn, Josiane Zerubia, Veronique Prinet, Baogang Hu

PhD Completion: 2007 (Ariana PhD student)

PhD Topic: New Higher-Order Active Contour Models, Shape Priors, and Multiscale Ana...

Dr Robert Powell

Andrei Krokhin

PhD Completion: 2016

PhD Topic: Complexity Classifications for the Valued Constraint Satisfaction Problem


Dr Gavin Probert

Bernard Piette

PhD Completion: 2005

PhD Topic: Towards Skyrmion Stars: The Large Baryon Number Sector of the Einstein-Skyrme Model

Dr John Richard Rhodes

Hebert Gangl

PhD Completion: 2012

PhD Topic: On the Kernel of the Symbol Map for Multiple Polylogarithms

Current Position: ...

Dr Mark Rhodes

Stefan Dantchev

PhD completion: 2009

PhD topic: Rank lower bounds in Propositional Proof Systems Based on Integer Linear Programming Methods

Dr David Roberts

Ioannis Ivrissimtzis

PhD completion: 2016

PhD topic: Analysis of stereoscopic volume rendering for tasks that require depth perception

Dr Marie Rochery

Ian Jermyn, Josiane Zerubia

PhD Completion: 2005

PhD Topic: Contours Actifs d’Ordre Superieur pour la Detection de Lineiques dans des Images de Teledet...

Dr Jian Song

Daniel Paulusma, Matthew Johnson

PhD Completion: 2013

PhD Topic: Graph Colouring with Input Restrictions

Dr Anthony Stewart

Daniel Paulusma, Matthew Johnson

PhD completion: 2017

PhD topic: Graph Algorithms and Complexity Aspects on Special Graph Classes

Current Positi...

Dr Adam Symonds

Stefan Dantchev

PhD Completion: 2015

PhD Topic: Graphical game Theory with Mobility

Current Position: Adam founded a ...

Dr James Thompson

John R Parker

PhD Completion: 2010

PhD Topic: Complex hyperbolic triangle groups

Current Position: Since 2015, Jame...

Dr Nihan Tokac

Magnus Bordewich

PhD completion: 2016

PhD topic: Efficiency of Algorithms in Phylogenetics

Current position: Department...

Dr Pim van ‘t Hof

Daniel Paulusma, Hajo Broersma

PhD Completion: 2010

PhD Topic: Exploiting structure to cope with NP-hard graph problems: Polynomial and exponential time exa...

Dr Rute Vieira

Tom Nye

PhD Completion: 2014

PhD Topic: Bayesian Phylogenetic Modelling of Lateral Gene Transfers

Current Position:

Dr Paul Wakefield

Sarah Rees

PhD completion: 1998

PhD topic: Algorithm to recognise hyperbolicity of a group

Dr James Walton

John Hunton

PhD Completion: 2014

PhD Topic: Pattern-equivariant homology of finite local complexity patterns

Current Posit...

Dr Jon Wilson

Anna Felikson

PhD Completion: 2017

PhD Topic: Triangulations of non-oriented surfaces and cluster structures on them

Current ...

Dr Chang Xu

Xuerong Mao, Andrew Wade

PhD Completion: 2017

PhD Topic: Convex hulls of planar random walks

Current Position: Chang is workin...

Dr Ying Yang

Ioannis Ivrissimtzis

PhD Completion: 2013

PhD Topic: Information Analysis for Steganography and Steganalysis in 3D Polygonal Meshes

Dr Wen Zeng

Maciej Kouty

PhD Completion: 2014

PhD Topic: Quantitative analysis of distributed systems

Current Position: Lecture...