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List of some former PhD students

Dr Zoe Andrews

John Fitzgerald

PhD Completion: 2012

PhD Topic: Continuous probability distributions and their use in model-based design languages in 2012. ...

Dr Steven Charlton

Herbert Gangl

PhD Completion: 2016

PhD Topic: Identities arising from coproducts on multiple zeta values and multiple polylogarithms

Dr Femke Douma

Norbert Peyerimhoff

PhD Completion: 2010

PhD Topic: Counting and Averaging Problems in Graph Theory

Dr Michela Egidi

Norbert Peyerimhoff, Olaf Post

PhD Completion: 2015

PhD Topic: Geometry, dynamics and spectral analysis on manifolds and metric

Dr Carl Feghali

Matthew Johnson, Daniel Paulusma

PhD Completion: 2016

PhD Thesis: Topics in graph colouring and extremal graph theory

Topic: Reconfigu...

Dr Tom Fisher

Peter Jorgensen, Michael White

PhD Completion: 2016

PhD Topic: On the Homological Algebra of Clusters, Quivers, and Triangulations

Dr Neil Henderson

John Fitzgerald

PhD Topic: Formal modelling and verification of shared variable concurrency

Current Position: Senior S...

Dr Alexandros Konios

Marta Pietkiewicz-Koutny

PhD Completion: 2015

PhD Topic: Modelling and Verification of Ambient Systems using Petri Nets

Dr Bowen Li

Maciej Koutny

Current Position: Bowen is working on the EPSRC funded project UNCOVER (UNderstand...

Dr Jonathan Longrigg

Andrew Duncan

PhD Topic: Cryptanalysis of braid group security protocols

Current Position: Software engineer in elec...

Foad Lotfifar

Matthew Johnson, Tom Friedetzky

PhD Completion: 2016

PhD Thesis: Hypergraph Partitioning in the Cloud

Topic: Graph and Hypergraph par...

Dr John Mcleod

John R Parker, Pavel Tumarkin

PhD Completion: 2013

Current Position: John is a software engineer at The MathWorks (a company producing MathLab and other ma...

Dr Susan Nelmes

Bernard Piette

PhD Completion: 2012

PhD Topic: Skyrmion Stars

Dr Gavin Probert

Bernard Piette

PhD Completion: 2005

PhD Topic: Towards Skyrmion Stars: The Large Baryon Number Sector of the Einstein-Skyrme Model

Dr John Richard Rhodes

Hebert Gangl

PhD Completion: 2012

PhD Topic: On the Kernel of the Symbol Map for Multiple Polylogarithms

Dr Pim van ‘t Hof

Daniel Paulusma

Current Position: Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences