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List of our current PhD students

Mr Hanin Abdulrahman

Jason Steggles

Developing techniques and tools for decomposing discrete state based models for biological applications.

Mr Jack Aiston

Andrew Duncan, Paul Watson, Feng Hao

Jack graduated from Newcastle university in 2014 with an MMath in Mathematics and Statistics. His area of study is homomorphic Encryption. His is being supervised by D...

Mr Talal Alharbi

Maciej Koutny

Analysis and visualize large data sets of criminal investigations by Structured Occurrence Nets (SONs)

Mr Obad Alhumaidan

Jason Steggles

Developing tool support for discrete state based modelling and analysis

Ms Hanadi Alkhudhayr

Jason Steggles

Investigating the compositional construction and analysis of discrete state based models for biological applications

Ms Aeshah Almutairi

Ioannis Ivrissimztis

The vertex coordinates of a triangle mesh are stored in computer memory with finite precision. Aeshah is studying the relationship between the choice of the quantisati...

Mr Jordan Barnes

Martina Balagovic

Rational Cherednik algebras in positive characteristic and their representations

Mr Robert T. Bickerton

Evgenios Kakariadis

We study operator algebras that arise naturally from the action of semigroup action on a (perhaps) non-commutative state space. The aim is to relate properties of the ...

Mr John Blackman

Anna Felikson

Continued fractions, combinatorics and geometry

Mr Pablo Cadena

Leo Freitas

Modelling and analysing of dependable medical devises

Mr Diego Dias

Leo Freitas

Mechanising a refinement calculus for Rely/Guarantee in Isabelle/HOL

Mr Liam Dobson

Stefan Kolb

Liam is investigating algebraic and geometric properties of quantum symmetric pairs, in particular incarnations of braid groups.

Ms Francesca Fedele

Peter Jorgensen

Higher dimensional homological algebra — This relates to the combinatorial theory of cyclic polytopes

Ms Maryam Garba

Tom Nye

Information geometry in the space of evolutionary trees

Mr Mark Jackson

John Fitzgerald

Mark is developing methods for profiling the resilience properties of systems described in terms of heterogeneous (discrete and continuous) models.

Mr Richie Jenkins

Leo Freitas

Formal security protocols workbench: from MULTOS to EMV

Mr Supanat Kamtue

Norbert Peyerimhoff

Curvature notions of discrete metric measure spaces and their functional inequalities

Mr Galane Luo

Bernard Piette

Phonon Displacement in polymers, including proteins alpha-helices

Mr Martin Mansfield

John Fitzgerald

Martin is developing a formal framework for the model-based design of cyber-physical systems, relating languages used for describing system architectures with multi-pa...

Ms Naoko Miyajima

Djoko Wirosoetisno, David Bourne

Naoko is a PhD student in theĀ Applied & Computational Mathematics Research Group: She works in topics of fluid dynamics, in particular the Navier-Stokes equation....

Ms Luma Omar

Ioannis Ivrissimtzis, Magnus Bordewich

Luma’s research interests lie in machine learning, biometric security, liveness detection, and face recignition anti-spoofing algorithms

Mr Giacomo Paesani

Daniel Paulusma, Matthew Johnson

Algorithms for solving graph-theoretic problems restricted to special graph classes, in particular by using the price of connectivity concept which expresses the maxim...

Mr David Pescod

Peter Jorgensen

Cluster categories and generalised Conway-Coxeter friezes

Mr Joe Reid

Peter Jorgensen

Higher dimensional homological algebra

Mr Kieran Richards

Georgios Karagiannis

Kieran will start his PhD in October 2018. His research interests lie in the areas of Bayesian statistics, Monte Carlo methods, model selection, and uncertainty quanti...

Mr David Robertson

Andrew Duncan

The Higman-Thompson groups have solvable conjugacy problem. David is working on the simultaneous conjugacy problem in these groups.

Mr Matthew Robinson

Tom Nye

Hamiltonian flows and Monte Carlo sampling alogorithms in evolutionary tree-space

Mr Hansen Salim

John Fitzgerald

Hansen is applying techniques from self-organising and self-adaptive systems to the rule-based description of resilience policies of cyber-physical systems.

Ms Lauren Scanlon

Jeremy Kendall, Jamie Tehrani, Andrew Lobb

Lauren is a student of SPOCK and works in knot theory.

Ms Clare Wallace

Ostap Hryniv, Andrew Wade

Clare is jointly supervised by Ostap Hryniv and Andrew Wade in a topic of probability.

Mr Chris Wastell

Tom Friedetzky

Rigorous analyses of probabilistic protocols for various fundamental communication problems in networks

Ms Xin Zhang

Ioannis Ivrissimtzis, Boguslaw Obara

Xin is developing algorithms for watermark insertion and extraction, on the surface and beneath the surface of 3D printing objects.